Nicola's Home


Home design is a concept less learned than lived. We inherently know what we like, and our reactions register on the emotional level. A well-designed space just feels right. That's why we don't just simply design homes and spaces at Nicola's Home. We inhabit them, mentally testing the hopes and objectives of our clients — long before the actual design takes shape. And when our work is finally complete, we know: we've created something truly extraordinary.



Hogan Residence
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The Poulin House
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2015-03-03 Nicola Cumb Mar WEB © Jeff Roberts Imaging (6).jpg

Rustic Cottage
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2014-07-31 Nicola Pai WEB @ Jeff Roberts Imaging  (26).jpg

A House For Ben
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Maeve's Way Lot 08
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2016-06-2830 NicolasHome Spears WEB © Jeff Roberts Imaging (7).jpg

Spears Hill
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2015-03-03 Nicola Cumb Mar WEB © Jeff Roberts Imaging (23).jpg

Maeve's Way Lot 27
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Meeting Hill Farm
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Foreside Estate
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2015-03-04 Tuscan Brick Oven Bistro © Jeff Roberts Imaging_-15.jpg

Tuscan Brick Oven Bistro
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Royal River Grill House
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Tuscan Table
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