We got a lot of compliments about our post last year on the amazing planters Kat did for the exterior of Nicola’s Home- so take a peek at what they look like this year!

It is officially that time of year- fall! We commissioned staff member Kat Lindgren (an amazing green stylist) to do the two large urns out front and the smaller ones at the back entrance. First step is to remove the summer flowers and plants from the urns- she did keep in the dusty miller for their nice silver accent. With such large plantings and urns, she needed help from Chrissy and Monica!


Kat added a peat blend compost to the urns which help keep the water in and not let the plantings get too dry since they are planted above ground.

For the front urns she wanted to do a ‘study of green’ and chose all green elements vs. the traditional oranges, greens and purples you often see.  She chose a great ‘lacy’ ornamental cabbage and chalky blue Hubbard squash to tie in the blue hues of the Wichita Blue evergreen.

The evergreens will be a nice transition into winter when we do our holiday planters. They add nice height and look beautiful with white Christmas lights as well.

The back entrance urns are a little smaller. After the hydrangeas were removed, Kat left in the great green succulents that did so well they hang over the urns. She did just one large white pumpkin on each- she likes to lay them as they likely were when they were growing in the field- they don’t always have to be upright.

By adding an arm full of oak leaf branches and adding a sphere of grapevines adds the finishing touches. These urns are relatively simple and look great.

Most of the materials were purchased at Estabrook’s in Yarmouth, Maine. We hope you are inspired and come up with some great fall decorating ideas!