Drawn to the details. Instinctually.

"At every step of the design process, I put myself in the environment. If it feels right, I go with my instincts. If it doesn’t, I step back for perspective. I know my work is done when it feels like a space I could embrace as my own.”

After twenty years, Nicola Manganello’s reputation for creating nuanced, welcoming, timeless homes has earned both a regional and national audience. Each choice Nicola makes for a space is driven by a desire to create warmth and comfort – both physically and emotionally.

Nicola learned her trade and honed her skills through her unwavering passion and diligence, starting with small design projects, then graduating to more sophisticated endeavors – often employing architectural design elements, both historical and contemporary, to create a delicate sense of proportion within a space.

When experiencing her work, there’s an immediate feeling of familiarity expressed through visual intelligence. Wood brings warmth. Lighting illuminates without overpowering. Seating is conducive to conversation and relaxation. Dining areas are elegantly crafted to breathe, without compromising their sense of intimacy.

Over her career, Nicola has proven herself capable with any sized-project – from room rehabs, to renovations, to full-scale real estate development – including Maeve’s Way, a 16-lot subdivision in Cumberland Foreside, Maine, where she designed, built and decorated twelve homes in her own inimitable style.


Nicola Manganello